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Operating Systems Linux Screen command
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Old 05-24-2013
Question Screen command

Hey Guys,
Linux screen command is not working . listing shows it is attached and i pressed some ctrl keys and went out of control.
i believe i locked it . when i try to reattach and press ctrl keys , it get typed in the screen without responding to it.

Please tell how to unlock the locked screen session.

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Old 05-24-2013
Make sure the $TERM accurately describes your terminal, and clear your terminal wih tset -Q before using screen. If that is not the fix, try a remove and reinstall screen.

I have not been in a screen mood for decades, as once I left modem terminal access behind, I moved on to using Xterms, X via VNC. You get a full X desktop local to the applications that waits for you to connect a VNCviewer and resume your tasks. I put one Xvnc desktop on each server I frequent.
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Old 05-24-2013
Please give a try to reset. And then try to list all the available screens and try to attach to you screen again. Hope it helps

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