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Keeping same emc sudo name in Linux

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Operating Systems Linux Keeping same emc sudo name in Linux
# 1  
Keeping same emc sudo name in Linux


I have Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 installed on two node ocfs2 cluster my server. Node-1 is ptdmod01 and Node-2 is ptdmod02. It is having 218 ocfs file system, which are shared among both servers. Since this is ocfs2, each disk from EMC Storage is mounted individually on file-system as below
PHP Code:
root@ptdmod01:~> df -tail -10
/dev/emcpowerhj        18G  246M   18G   2% /pcps/apps/test
/dev/emcpowerhk        18G  230M   18G   2% /vror/apps/test
/dev/emcpowerhl       8.8G  140M  8.6G   2% /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/cache/VROR/test
/dev/emcpowerhm       8.8G  148M  8.6G   2% /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/logs/VROR/test
/dev/emcpowerhn       8.8G  136M  8.6G   2% /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/cache/PCPS/test
/dev/emcpowerho       8.8G  139M  8.6G   2% /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/logs/PCPS/test
/dev/emcpowerhp        18G  461M   17G   3% /redwood/apps/rwtt_tlinft
                      8.0G  744M  7.3G  10
% /redwood/apps/rwtt
/dev/emcpowerhr        18G  379M   18G   3% /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/cache/ndw/uat
@ptdmod01:~> cat /etc/fstab tail -10
/dev/emcpowerhh /pfcst/apps/qa                                  ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
:/root_vdm_5/APPS01/SASQA      /pfcst/etl-qa   nfs defaults 0 0
/dev/emcpowergo         /redwood/apps/rw8d              ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerhj         /pcps/apps/test                                 ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerhk         /vror/apps/test                                 ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerhl         /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/cache/VROR/test   ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerhm         /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/logs/VROR/test    ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerhn         /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/cache/PCPS/test   ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerho         /inf/duet_dom/inf_domain02/logs/PCPS/test    ocfs2   _netdev         0 0
/dev/emcpowerhp         /redwood/apps/rwtt_tlinft                       ocfs2   _netdev         0 0 
Apart from it there are few vg also created on server, which are also shared among both ocfs cluster servers. Now, I have a challenge here. Our Storage is going to be migrated from DMX to vmax, so all the data has to be migrated to new storage and those new luns to be presented to server. I know, vg can be exported and imported and server will be able to see new luns and will mount them as expected. But when storage team will migrate data to new storage and present new luns, those will come in different emc sudo format. OS takes help from /etc/fstab to mount them, but after migration, emc device name will be changed to something else and mount will fail.
One way is to check each new lun and change entry in /etc/fstab, but it is a tedious job since there are large number of devices. Is there any way, if I can keep same.
For example, currently /dev/emcpowerdj is mounted on /inf/domain02/ora_dev. lun id is 37AD for this. On Storage side, they will copy data to new lun and will present that lun to server. I will be able to see that lun in inq output. But I expect its naming convention to be /dev/emcpowerdj, so that I do not need to edit /etc/fstab.
Hope, I am enough clear in explaining my problem.
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Being no EMC expert, my guess is that you will need to set-up some udev rules. However, this may also become a tedious job if there are a large number of devices, so this might not be a better option to changing all of your /etc/fstab entries. Either way you could write a script to automate the task.
# 3  
While googling, I got some for emc, but not sure if this can really works on my complex.
PHP Code:
emcpadm renamepseudo -s emcpowerg -t emcpowerc 
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Can you mount by UUID?
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I can have my old lun id (from old storage) and storage team can tell me, "hey, this is the lun-id from new storage, and its ol lun-id was this this this".
But I want to make my process easy, because there are more than two hundred file-systems.
Otherwise I have solution to edit fstab and mount them accordingly.

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