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Lan card not reaching Gateway

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Operating Systems Linux Lan card not reaching Gateway
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Lan card not reaching Gateway


I have this problem on RHEL box. I am using two NIC's of same model and make (Intel 82557) in the adjacent PCI slots . I am using each one for different subnet and have assigned them ipaddresses and gateways of respective subnets . While one is O.K. connecting to its gateway other don't. I have checked this card in Winows and its working fine. Card is not faulty. Problem only starts in RHEL.

ip1 -----> gateway
ip2 --X--> gateway

Any help is aprreciated.


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What is the output of
 netstat -nr

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Linux as router


I have two subnets (, and a RH linux box. I know linux can act as router, but specifically want to ask if this acts as a router without any route addition on all nodes of two subnets. I mean , I need Not to add anything at each of the subnet nodes (obviously gateway is there) but only add routes in the linux box. I have checked enabling ip forwarding in files /etc/syscntl.conf and /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward. But that donot make any difference . I am unable to ping the node of 2nd subnet with the node of 1st subnet. My linux box has two nic's with and (node s1) ---->, <---- (node s2)

Firstly, is it achievable that by only adding routes on linux box I can make two subnets communicate. If yes then what route I need to put on this. (I donot want to add any route on the subnet nodes except the subnet gateway - and

Thanks in advance ,

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Try turning off the firewall on the RH box.
service iptables stop

And check that /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward has a value of 1.
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I have merged these two threads as they relate to the same problem.
# 6  

Firstly they do not point to same problem . First problem was that my node on one subnet was unable to connect to its gateway. BTW it is resolved now . May be some stucking at the network switch point was there. As I rebooted, it got OK.

My second post was one subnet not connecting to other with all ip forwarding done at the linux box connecting these.As you gave reply to stop firewall, I did that. But same status.

I am only able to reach the first subnet's gateway from the node in second subnet but this also bu putting route at node itself which I did not want. I am not getting what is going wrong. All posts I read on internet say these simple steps to make subnets communicate and I am doing them all, but still both subnets are unable to communicate .

/etc/sysctl.conf , ip-forwading = 1
sysctl -p
/sys/proc/net/ipv4/ip-forward, = 1
Firewall disabled

(From linux box , I am able to connect to nodes of both subnets.) (node s1) ---->, <---- (node s2)

node donot communicate with (and so

Any more suggestions ?

Thanks in advance


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It is : (node s1) ---->, ----------------------------
-------------------------- <---- (node s2)

subnet node 1 linux box subnet node 2


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