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Migrating to new server

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Operating Systems Linux Migrating to new server
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Hammer & Screwdriver Migrating to new server

I configured a full blown Suse Linux server with FTP (VSFTP) server (98 users), Samba as well as secure Ftp on Suse Linux 10 SP4. I need to transfer the whole system to a NEW server that I configured with Ver 11.4
What files need to be backed up and restored to the new server keeping the usernames and passwords as well as Samba shares.

Many Thanks.
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the /etc/passwd file, the /etc/shadow file, the /etc/fstab file for starters (I would make sure you simply copied the lines in, rather than the entire files)

You would also need the smb.conf file (I can't remember where that is off the top of my head) as well as ensuring the daemons are all starting properly, etc.

Also, just a question. What do you need with FTP?
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Thanks Mark

All users FTP data onto server via VSFTP. This server is connected to a windows domain which serves as a data server from clients to our programmers.

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I understand you are using the vsftp package, but the question is why that vs a more secure method like sftp or scp?
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The VS stands for very secure. It is the name of the ftp service on my SLES server

Once again Thanks. Just for interest where are you from?
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I think you may have misunderstood me. I am aware of what vsftpd is, and what it stands for (Though, I'm a fan of PureFTPD myself). However, FTP itself, regardless, is still less secure than encrypted transfer methods. That was why I suggested SFTP or SCP.

I'm from the east coast.

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