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ethernet bonding

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Operating Systems Linux ethernet bonding
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ethernet bonding

I need to enable Ethernet Bonding on three systems, connected together via switch. What I tried ended up with failure, slaves cannot be detected n added to bon0.

Here's what I did:

created file /etc/modprobe.d/bonding.d and added the following to it:
alias bond0 bonding
options bonding mode=0 arp_interval=100 arp_ip_target=

as for the arp_ip_target I set it to the gateway address as m not using a router. Is this correct? or I shall set the other two system IPs there?

Next, I edited the interfaces file, /etc/network/interfaces:
auto bond0
iface bond0 inet static
slaves eth0 eth1

bond-mode balance-rr
bond-miimon 100
bond-downdelay 200
bond-updelay 200

and finally loading bonding module into the kernel and ifconfig.
#modprobe -v bonding

if anyone has done this before, I would highly appreciate if you could tell me the exact procedure.

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As far as I do remember it depends a bit how to set it up on which derivate of Linux you are using. Config files etc. may be different a bit.
You might additionally have to use the command ifenslave to attach/detach NICs to a bonding device.

I move this thread to the Linux area - don't see a relation to "Infrastructure Monitoring".
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I was under the impression that RR required switch support, but that mode 1 did not.

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