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Can Postfix not syslog?

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Operating Systems Linux Can Postfix not syslog?
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Can Postfix not syslog?

Is it possible to get postfix to either not syslog or get it to log to a flat file in addition? I'm not the admin on this box but I am in charge of the mail server. I feel like I'm missing information because of all these filter rules set up on syslog, and the admin doesn't want to change the syslog configuration unless there's a specific problem I'm looking for (which is sort of chicken and egg, but that's where I'm at). So if I could get postfix (which I can re-configure without him minding/noticing) to log to a flat file it would work around the HR issues.
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Would that administrator object to logging to two places? Syslog does allow for that. However, it does introduce additional overhead.
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He would on the grounds that he doesn't think there's a problem (which I'm apt to agree with, but I'm speculating since I don't know if I'm just missing something) and he doesn't want to change the config file at all. I'm relatively new but get the feeling he may just be a little uncertain of what he's doing and not wanting to break something.

Long story short: yeah he would.

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I think we found another work around. A co-worker is going to install AV on there anyways so he's telling him there's some mail involvement and is using that as an excuse to edit the syslog config for me with the idea that the admin's paranoia will make him want to keep the newer configuration.

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