No Gnome !! No Gui !! Fedora 15

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Operating Systems Linux No Gnome !! No Gui !! Fedora 15
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Old 09-26-2011
Question No Gnome !! No Gui !! Fedora 15

I installed fedora 15 on my laptop. Everything went fine during installtion then it comes to nice login screen Image when i logged on i couldn't see anything on da desktop rather than a blue wallpaper from fedora 15. means i didnt get any gui/gnome .. it was jst a blank wallpaper where i can only move my mouse but controls like left click or right click are not working. then i had to swtich to command line interface ,ctrl+alt+F2, i tried started from there itself using INIT 5 then again it comes to wallpaper screen and nothig happend. I tired startx also...Image but no use....
I have nvidie 8400GS M in my laptop. Can u please help me out from this??Image

Thanks A lot.Image
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Old 09-26-2011
did you select for a GUI to be installed during setup?

on the command line try the following:

yum list |grep gnome

and it should come up with something like the following

bluez-gnome.x86_64                        0.5-5.fc6                    installed
gnome-doc-utils.noarch                    0.8.0-2.fc6                  installed
gnome-keyring.x86_64                      0.6.0-1.fc6                  installed
gnome-mime-data.x86_64                    2.4.2-3.1                    installed
gnome-mount.x86_64                        0.5-3.el5                    installed
gnome-python2.x86_64                      2.16.0-1.fc6                 installed
gnome-python2-bonobo.x86_64               2.16.0-1.fc6                 installed
gnome-python2-canvas.x86_64               2.16.0-1.fc6                 installed
gnome-python2-extras.x86_64               2.14.2-6.el5                 installed
gnome-python2-gconf.x86_64                2.16.0-1.fc6                 installed
gnome-python2-gnomevfs.x86_64             2.16.0-1.fc6                 installed
gnome-python2-gtkhtml2.x86_64             2.14.2-6.el5                 installed
gnome-vfs2.i386                           2.16.2-6.el5                 installed
gnome-vfs2.x86_64                         2.16.2-6.el5                 installed
libgnome.i386                             2.16.0-6.el5                 installed
libgnome.x86_64                           2.16.0-6.el5                 installed
libgnomecanvas.x86_64                     2.14.0-4.1                   installed
libgnomeui.x86_64                         2.16.0-5.el5                 installed
up2date-gnome.x86_64                      5.10.1-41.8.el5              installed

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Old 09-26-2011
Did you perhaps immediately after the logon was presented but before the password was entered, choose other than gnome. Say Classic Gnome, or Compiz Gnome? That is a good starting point
Select plain Gnome and take it from there. Move mouse to top left corner. Tell us what happens.
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Old 09-27-2011
when there is login screen is shown on the as soon as i logged on it goes n there is nothing after waiting and doing everything....Smilie
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