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Using squid_db_auth to authenticate squid users against SQLite

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Operating Systems Linux Using squid_db_auth to authenticate squid users against SQLite
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Old 06-09-2011
Using squid_db_auth to authenticate squid users against SQLite

Hi guys,

Can we use squid_db_auth to authenticate squid users against SQLite database? I googled but all configurations are in MySQL.
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pam_auth(8)                                                   System Manager's Manual                                                  pam_auth(8)

pam_auth - Squid PAM authentication helper SYNOPSIS
squid_pam_auth [-n "service name"] [-t TTL] [-o] [-1] DESCRIPTION
This helper allows Squid to connect to a mostly any available PAM database to validate the user name and password of Basic HTTP authentica- tion. -s service-name Specifies the PAM service name Squid uses, defaults to "squid" -t TTL Enables persistent PAM connections where the connection to the PAM database is kept open and reused for new logins. The TTL speci- fies how long the connection will be kept open (in seconds). Default is to not keep PAM connections open. Please note that the use of persistent PAM connections is slightly outside the PAM specification and may not work with all PAM configurations. -o Do not perform the PAM account management group (account expiration etc) CONFIGURATION
The program needs a PAM service to be configured in /etc/pam.conf or /etc/pam.d/<servicename> The default service name is "squid", and the program makes use of the 'auth' and 'account' management groups to verify the password and the accounts validity. For details on how to configure PAM services, see the PAM documentation for your system. This manual does not cover PAM configuration details. NOTES
When used for authenticating to local UNIX shadow password databases the program must be running as root or else it won't have sufficient permissions to access the user password database. Such use of this program is not recommended, but if you absolutely need to then make the program setuid root chown root pam_auth chmod u+s pam_auth Please note that in such configurations it is also strongly recommended that the program is moved into a directory where normal users can- not access it, as this mode of operation will allow any local user to brute-force other users passwords. Also note the program has not been fully audited and the author cannot be held responsible for any security issues due to such installations. AUTHOR
Squid pam_auth and this manual is written by Henrik Nordstrom <hno@squid-cache.org> COPYRIGHT
Squid pam_auth and this manual is Copyright 1999,2002,2003 Henrik Nordstrom <hno@squid-cache.org> QUESTIONS
Questions on the usage of this program can be sent to the Squid Users <squid-users@squid-cache.org> mailing list. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs or bug-fixes to Squid Bugs <squid-bugs@squid-cache.org> or ideas for new improvements to Squid Developers <squid-dev@squid- cache.org> SEE ALSO
pam(8), PAM Systems Administrator Guide Squid PAM Auth 5 Sep 2003 pam_auth(8)

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