Problem with email mailman in Ubuntu

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Operating Systems Linux Problem with email mailman in Ubuntu
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Old 06-07-2011
Problem with email mailman in Ubuntu

I have just newly installed mailman on ubuntu server. Using Apache2 web server and Exim4 mail server. Mailman is started and running fine. I can send email to and from an login account from the list server. However, when I send email to the , no email send to the member. cctest4 is not a login account. Please advise where did I config wrong in the MAILMAN setup. I followed the instruction to instal mailman which create a "list" user and "list" group.

# more 04_exim4-config_mailman
# start
# Home dir for your Mailman installation -- aka Mailman's prefix
# directory.
# By default this is set to "/usr/local/mailman"
# On a Red Hat/Fedora system using the RPM use "/var/mailman"
# On Debian using the deb package use "/var/lib/mailman"
# This is normally the same as ~mailman
# User and group for Mailman, should match your --with-mail-gid
# switch to Mailman's configure script. Value is normally "mailman"
# Domains that your lists are in - colon separated list
# you may wish to add these into local_domains as well
# -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
# These values are derived from the ones above and should not need
# editing unless you have munged your mailman installation
# The path of the Mailman mail wrapper script
# The path of the list config file (used as a required file when
# verifying list addresses)
# end


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Old 06-07-2011
Can you send it with mailx? Might be outside.
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Old 06-08-2011

Thanks for the respond. Yes, I could send email from the mailman list server (by mailx and mail -v) to external email accounts. The email sent to the mailman list server did reach there, but was just stored inside the mailman and didn't post to the members. However, I got the mailman working now by installing and using POSTFIX as the mail server rather than using EIXM4 mail server. Finally, the mailman starts posting email to the membersSmilie.
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