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How to Calculate Disk Queue length and Disk Busy Time

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Operating Systems Linux How to Calculate Disk Queue length and Disk Busy Time
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Old 04-14-2011
How to Calculate Disk Queue length and Disk Busy Time


Am doing an enhancements related to monitoring a Linux disk I/O statistics.

The /proc/diskstats file is used to get the each disk I/O statistics. But, It returns the raw value.

How to calculate the Disk Queue Length and Disk Busy time from the raw values.

Guide me.
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Old 04-15-2011
The "Disk Queue Length" is a term more tied to Windows rather than Linux. You can, however, install "iostat" tool, it has plenty of useful information.
Here's the meaning of each value in /proc/diskstats :
Field 1 -- # of reads issued
Field 2 -- # of reads merged, field 6 -- # of writes merged
Field 3 -- # of sectors read
Field 4 -- # of milliseconds spent reading
Field 5 -- # of writes completed
Field 7 -- # of sectors written
Field 8 -- # of milliseconds spent writing
Field 9 -- # of I/Os currently in progress
Field 10 -- # of milliseconds spent doing I/Os
Field 11 -- weighted # of milliseconds spent doing I/Os

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