CISCO syslogging in linux

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Operating Systems Linux CISCO syslogging in linux
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CISCO syslogging in linux


I have a cisco router router and a linux box. I would like to know how to configure both the device so that everything that passes through my router gets logged in the linux box.

Also I am very much new in cisco router. Is it ok to post such question in this forum, or i need to post it somewhere else.

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this is in the right forum, so dont worry about that Smilie

i wish i could help you but i have no experience with cisco. but someone else here will be able to help.
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on the linux side i depends on the type of syslog server you are running.
You need to enable remote reception over UDP.
-r option on debian's default syslog server.

On the Cisco side you need to set

logging facility local2

something along those lines.
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I have tried this option but still it is not working.

My linux version is Redhat.
The only thing I couldn't understand is how to enable remote reception over UDP using the -r option.

I beleive the redhat server syslog is by default enables remote logging for all incoming request.

Please explain me more elaborately
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I usually go through the init scripts and try to find where that script takes its settings from, but I have no redhat here.

here is what I found:

Normally with RedHat you set the options for syslog in
/etc/sysconfig/syslog. However, if you added the -r to the
/etc/init.d/syslog it will still work.
this is another good one.
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