Linux/Weblogic Admins?

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Operating Systems Linux Linux/Weblogic Admins?
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Linux/Weblogic Admins?

Please forgive me if I've chosen the wrong forum... but I'm just wondering how likely it is to find a Linux sys admin with a vast BEA Weblogic skillset or vice versa (a Weblogic admin with vast Linux admin skills)?

The reason I ask is because our Linux Sys Admin is leaving for a position with another employer and he presently handles everything from a hardware/OS and application standpoint for our Weblogic cluster as well as handling some Apache/Tomcat web servers.

My boss seems to think we cannot find someone with those combined skillsets. Smilie
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You could find out (Deal with taking resumes and the BS that accompanies that; liars, morons, etc to find the few that are actually golden in their field) by posting a req on a job forum like - Job Search for Technology Professionals

Another thought, as this may be an issue, is to get two people. One can cover your app and another the systems. However, realize if you get one person, you will be in this remarkably bad position again. Any critical role should have at least two people performing it, as if one person leaves, you are up a creek without a paddle.

These people may exist, but prepare to pay for them. However, a job that is this important may be worth it, as without them, what will you do?

Is this a small company? Have you considered getting consultants until you fill the role?
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