Required Icon Tray in Linux

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Required Icon Tray in Linux

I am using linux machine. I need Icon tray in this. "Icon Tray" contains all the icons which we open in the workspace.
As such, these icons appear at the bottom (similar to windows i.e.when we open internetexplorer, Word, XLs, these icons appear in the bottom)

I have to open so many terminals, tools, but when i have to reselect it, it is quite difficult to judge which icon relates to which window by just watching it.

Earlier when i used Solaris terminals, there is an option of ICon tray.

Can any body help me in finding Icon tray in linux also.

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it's hard to determine if you're referring to "icons" or "windows" because a workspace doesn't retract/expand icons, but windows.
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I am referring the icon tray in linux environment which holds all the icon of all the terminals opened by us
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