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PCI Card recognized

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Operating Systems Linux PCI Card recognized
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PCI Card recognized

I installed PCI Card HP SC44Ge - SAS1068E
on my linux CentOS 5.4

is there a way to find out if the PCI is properly installed and recognized by linux.

lspci is enough?
just to add that PCI card is connected to a tape...

also how can I find out driver and firmware version?

thanks a lot

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lspci has nothing to do with drivers. It lists everything regardless of whether Linux has drivers for it or not or, for that matter, whether it even can find a name for it or not.

this thread suggests the linux fusion-mpt SAS drivers work with this card, and notes some utilities for checking what it thinks its doing.

HP also has downloadable drivers and firmware, albeit for RHEL and SUSE. It's probably better to avoid their drivers if you can though I bet you'll at least need their firmware.
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