Equivalent function of [ kbhit() ] In TURBO C

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Equivalent function of [ kbhit() ] In TURBO C

ANy one knows equivalent function of [ kbhit() ] which in Turbo C.

I want to Execute Certain loop until any key is pressed.

i.e while(!kbhit)

This code work fine in DOS but NOt in LINUX
i try to use [ getc_unblocked(stdin) ] but not getting the expected result

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KeyMap(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 						KeyMap(3U)

KeyMap - activates controls given their keyboard equivalents SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/keymap.h> DESCRIPTION
KeyMap supports keyboard equivalents, which allow the user of a Unidraw application to execute menu commands or select from a palette of controls by typing rather than pointing and clicking with the mouse. The KeyMap can activate a control given its key code as defined by its ControlInfo object. Only those controls registered with the KeyMap can be activated through the KeyMap. By default, the Editor base class handles key events by having its KeyMap execute the key code. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
KeyMap() Construct a new keymap, initially with no registrants. void Register(UControl*) void Register(KeyMap*) void Unregister(UControl*) void Unregister(KeyMap*) Register and unregister a control or another KeyMap. Registering a KeyMap is equivalent to registering all its registered controls individually. void Execute(const char* keyCode) Execute the given key code by activating the corresponding control. Each UControl contains a ControlInfo object that specifies its key code; thus the mapping between key codes and controls is defined by the ControlInfo objects collectively. Key codes among reg- istered controls should be unique. SEE ALSO
ControlInfo(3U), KeyMap(3U), UControl(3U), kybd(3U) Unidraw 1 August 1990 KeyMap(3U)

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