File Sharing among NTFS Partition & RH Linux 9 Partitions

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Operating Systems Linux File Sharing among NTFS Partition & RH Linux 9 Partitions
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Old 12-13-2003
Question File Sharing among NTFS Partition & RH Linux 9 Partitions

Well Guys, will anybody solve my problem?

I have installed Win XP and RH Linux 9 (Dual Boot) on an Intel x86 Machine. Everything is going fine except that I cannot share files among the two operating systems. For example, if I download a PDF file from internet and save it in my Win XP partition (Drive C, for example), I cannot open or even view it as it is present on drive C because I cannot access Drive C when I am using RH Linux 9. Please guide to any way round.

Any solutions will be welcomed!


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Old 12-13-2003
Please, do a search on this foruns for NTFS, that question has been answered more than once...
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