problem of wild cards matching..$ls t[A-Z] output

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Operating Systems Linux problem of wild cards matching..$ls t[A-Z] output
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Old 09-24-2009
problem of wild cards matching..$ls t[A-Z] output

hi all,

i have created a file by name tt and while listing the file ,i used the command

$ls t[A-Z] from which i was expecting not to list tt file output coz of uppercase range, But it listed that file tt file and am not able understand the reason. kindly help.

NOTE OS :Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 5)
Kernel 2.6.9-55.ELsmp on an x86_64
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LSNS(8)                                                        System Administration                                                       LSNS(8)

lsns - list namespaces SYNOPSIS
lsns [options] [namespace] DESCRIPTION
lsns lists information about all the currently accessible namespaces or about the given namespace. The namespace identifier is an inode number. The default output is subject to change. So whenever possible, you should avoid using default outputs in your scripts. Always explicitly define expected columns by using the --output option together with a columns list in environments where a stable output is required. Note that lsns reads information directly from the /proc filesystem and for non-root users it may return incomplete information. The cur- rent /proc filesystem may be unshared and affected by a PID namespace (see unshare --mount-proc for more details). lsns is not able to see persistent namespaces without processes where the namespace instance is held by a bind mount to /proc/pid/ns/type. OPTIONS
-J, --json Use JSON output format. -l, --list Use list output format. -n, --noheadings Do not print a header line. -o, --output list Specify which output columns to print. Use --help to get a list of all supported columns. The default list of columns may be extended if list is specified in the format +list (e.g. lsns -o +PATH). -p, --task pid Display only the namespaces held by the process with this pid. -r, --raw Use the raw output format. -t, --type type Display the specified type of namespaces only. The supported types are mnt, net, ipc, user, pid, uts and cgroup. This option may be given more than once. -u, --notruncate Do not truncate text in columns. -V, --version Display version information and exit. -h, --help Display help text and exit. AUTHORS
Karel Zak <> SEE ALSO
nsenter(1), unshare(1), clone(2), namespaces(7) AVAILABILITY
The lsns command is part of the util-linux package and is available from util-linux December 2015 LSNS(8)