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Java Linux kernel

Hi All !

Is linux kernel preemptive or non-preemptive?

My understanding is preemptive kernel. is it correct?

Thanks & Regards
Venkat Gopu
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According to Wikipedia it is.
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Hi pludi

Thanks for your immedite answer. now i am clear about my doubt. Thanks ans again..

Venkat Gopu
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Yes, the Linux Kernel is preemptive, as are effectively all modern operating systems.

A non-preemptive multitasking operating system essentially requires the cooperation of the programs to tell it to switch to the next program. This means that a single application can hang the entire computer.

A preemptive multitasking system will interrupt the programs and switch to the next program waiting to run, without requiring the programs to tell it that they are done.
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Thanks kandra.

your extra information (a single application can hang the entire computer) has instructed me to understand that which kind of OS is non-preemptive.

Venkat Gopu

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