finding core information in redhat Linux

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Operating Systems Linux finding core information in redhat Linux
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Old 08-18-2009
Question finding core information in redhat Linux


I want to know how to find out no of cores in linux.

I have given the command more /proc/cpuinfo

NOw I want to know what is diffrence between cpu cores and core id?

How to find out exact no of cores?


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Old 08-18-2009
You're looking for physical id and core id. They both start from zero. I'm looking at a dual quad core system right now. I have 8 entries that look like:

physical id: 0
core id: 0
physical id: 0
core id: 1
physical id: 1
core id: 3

You can also get CPU info with
dmesg | grep -i cpu

A quick way to see how many cores total is to run 'top' and then press '1' on your keyboard. That will expand out the processor information at the top and will show you all the cores so you can do a quick count.
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