Termcap Definitions

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Termcap Definitions


How do I enter and escape from graphics mode on RedHat Linux to capture escape sequences. I'm trying to edit the system termcap.
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Since no one has answered - figured to throw in my 2 cents.

I looked at termcap on my server (Solaris) and it doesn't have control characters - it does have ^J and others, but if you move the cursor across them, they are each two characters, the ^ and then the letter. So double check that these are actually escape characters. If not, you don't need the next part.

But, in vi, you can add a control character. Go into Input mode and use the Control key and V together and then use the Control key and the letter you need.
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I'm not sure, but don't think that is what cstovall wanted. To make a termcap or terminfo entry, you need to know what escape sequence to use. If you don't have a book, sometimes the terminal can help you. For example, on an HP terminal, you can navigate through the menu and turn on "Display Functions". Once you do, the escape sequences sent by various keys become visable. If the F3 key sends an ESCAPE 3, you will see it on the screen. The escape shows up as a little "ec". I call this "Display Functions Mode".

I think that he wants to do that.
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