Linux Hyper-thread support?

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Linux Hyper-thread support?

Hello all,

I'm looking in to building a Redhat/Windows machine for myself and was wondering if Redhat linux support 800Mhz front side bus speed or hyper-thread? If so would I have to recompile the kernel to enable this feature? Thanks
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I would assume that any OS that supports dual processors would also support HT.

And about the FSB, almost anything supports that. Thats like saying is Windows 95 compatible with a 3.0Ghz CPU?
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Firsty, let me say that the front side bus in 800MHz doesn't have to do so much with the currently os you are using but with hardware features(memory bandwidth, type and speed) of your PC. However, if you encounter any problems with the RedHat I would be interesting to know more. Since, im planning to install the 9.0 version in a newly bought system on which I have already windows 2000 and XP. THAT WOULD BE INTERESTING!!!Smilie
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I forgot to tell you about the HT. It doesn't have to do with any dual processing. Believe me i have asked!!! Its more of a coding trick for the windows XP
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