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Domain Administrator

I used to have a Cobalt RaQ4 server that allows the server administrator to set up site administrators for each domain. The site administrators can add more users to that domain, and he can also write files to the users' directories.

I now have a RedHat 9.0 box running Linux 2.4.20 with Apache 2.0. I'd like to be able to do the same site administrative things on this server.

I logged on to both servers via SSH and did
ls -al

The Cobalt told me the users directory and all the users inside have the permissions 2775 (drwxrwsr-x). After making my users directory on the RH have the same permissions, I was able to write files to the users directories! Woohoo!

So now my question is, how do I set up Apache to create user directories with these permissions by default so that I don't have to go through the entire server and change each directory, and manually change each user we add to each domain.

Sorry this post is so long, I just want to give you as much info as possible so you know exactly what is going on. If it helps, I'm using Plesk 6 to manage the domains and users.


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Doesn't the PSA do that for you already?

AFAIK, Apache does not create the directories and alter permissions of files. Scripts are written that do this type of thing. Cobalt Raq systems had a lot of scripting in place to do this type of thing when you input data through their web based administration system. You should check and see if Plesk offers the same thing.

One note: From past experience, be careful when you are working with an automation system when you go changing the permissions of directories that is directly accessible by the system, you may cause the scripts designed for the automation to cease working.

Have you asked this question at the Plesk forums?

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No, I haven't gone to the Plesk forum yet. I didn't realize they had one. I've read the documentation and gone through the interface looking for an option like this, but didn't find anything. I'll check out the forum though. Thanks for the info!
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It looks like I'll just have to write an hourly crontab to change the permissions for me. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use the cpu resources on an hourly basis for something that won't be happening that often, but it's better than doing it manually! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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