Sabayon - KDE4.2 Problems accessing system management - all greyed out

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Operating Systems Linux Sabayon - KDE4.2 Problems accessing system management - all greyed out
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Old 05-08-2009
Sabayon - KDE4.2 Problems accessing system management - all greyed out

I have just loaded Sabayon KDE4.2. I have a 64bit comp and have tried several Linux/Unix os and have had problems with all of them and now it seems this one as well. I can't load my printer up and I cannot access any login management. I have had trouble accessing my Login Manager. I have looked around and tried things but have little understanding on shell scripts [COLOR=#FF5CB0 ! important][COLOR=#FF5CB0 ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR] etc and if I have tried my Root files have rejected them if I have attempted it. I really want to auto login, so I boot the comp and leave it. Come back and its all there, but I have to wait, wait, login and go away and then ok. I just a person that goes onto other things rather than wait around. So hoping you have the answer that is very simple

Also when I came to try and print had problems as I can't get the system to load the necessary files etc to get it to work. The system management is greyed out. In the terminal I can get the config files. But as far as anything else I am totaly lost.

Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to load yet another Linux/Unix OS again. My system settings/Admin advanced/ Login Manager is greyed out and seems it is not letting me have access. All it has it red letters 'Attention Read Help' And nothing ese in that section can be touched. So something is wrong

So hoping for some easy step by step help please

Thank you

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Old 05-11-2009
A regular user should not have access to those things. Have you tried using either sudo or su to make these changes? You need to be root in order to change system settings.
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Old 05-11-2009
Thank you Mark it is now sorted. As for not having access, I think you should as a lot of people want to automatically log on. No one else uses this comp except for me and I doubt at my age with no family anyone would ever need to. Except my wife and I have nothing to hide from her.
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Old 05-11-2009
This is not a system that was designed for only single users, and they don't know how you live. The system assumes that you have an idea of how to use it, as you are intuitive, and the system is not.

Also, the use of root vs a normal (underprivileged user) is to prevent the normal user from destroying the machine. Also, it is a protective measure that ensures that as a normal user, under normal circumstances, should you get compromised, minimal damage to the system can be done. If you, as a normal user, gets infected by a rootkit or uses a script that is malicious, you should do minimal damage (assuming that the attacks are not using a code exploit that is unpatched, etc). Under previous versions of Windows, for example, the code would be run as administrator, as that is what Windows assumed, and the machine/OS could be compromised as a result.
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