C-Cedilla (), Putty and Linux

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C-Cedilla (), Putty and Linux

Having just transferred a project from Sun Solaris to Red Hat Linux 5.1 on an HP Blade, we have an issue seeing C-Cedilla () characters in Putty.

While a 'more' command shows the correctly, cut and paste converts it to ^A and vi converts it to yet another ctrl A character.

The character is a very commonly used separator in our project and it's going to be a major pain to change it everywhere, so is there a simple solution to this?
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I'd first check to make sure you're LANG environment variable matches the character set you've configured in Putty.

When logged into RH, do this:

echo $LANG

It should be set to en_US.UTF-8. If it's not, then you need the following line in your .bash_profile:

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Start a new shell and echo the LANG variable to make sure the changes to your profile worked.

If they did, it's time to make sure Putty is using UTF-8. From the putty config, under Window > Translation make sure the character set translation is also set to UTF-8.

That's usually where I start if Putty isn't working properly with various characters.
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Thanks Stanley,

$ echo $LANG

So that's OK.

The translation we currently use on Sun is

ISO-8859-1:1998 (Latin-1, West Europe)

changing that to UTF8 in putty changes the character but not to a , it's more of a graphics block preceded by ^.

Any other ideas?
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Changing the LANG to LANG=en_GB.iso885915 and exporting it in my .profile has done the trick.

Thanks for the reply Stanley, it gave us the lead we needed.
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Just to clarify, you are experiencing this problem in Redhat when connecting via SSH through putty, correct?

Try using the ISO-8859-1 character set in Putty and set your LANG to en_US:
export LANG=en_US

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