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IBM BladeCenter HS20

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# 1  
MySQL IBM BladeCenter HS20

IBM BladeCenter HS20 2x3.2Ghz w/HT - 8GB RAM
Fibre Attached QLA2340 v.6.06.63 - IBM FAStT 900

BYTE UNIX Benchmarks (Version 3.11)
System -- Linux hostname 2.4.21-251-smp #1 SMP Thu Sep 23 17:22:54 UTC 2004 i686 unknown
Start Benchmark Run: Wed Dec 1 17:30:59 CET 2004
3 interactive users.
Dhrystone 2 without register variables 4721136.4 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Dhrystone 2 using register variables 4689988.3 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = arithoh) 17107186.4 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = register) 753287.0 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = short) 494055.9 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = int) 753383.8 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = long) 748363.0 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = float) 736887.8 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = double) 737620.3 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
System Call Overhead Test 415796.5 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Pipe Throughput Test 522738.2 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Pipe-based Context Switching Test 116275.9 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Process Creation Test 4424.0 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)
Execl Throughput Test 1944.0 lps (9 secs, 6 samples)
File Read (10 seconds) 1623202.0 KBps (10 secs, 1 samples)
File Write (10 seconds) 415600.0 KBps (10 secs, 1 samples)
File Copy (10 seconds) 1.0 KBps (10 secs, 1 samples)
File I/O no measured results
C Compiler Test 1131.4 lpm (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (1 concurrent) 2623.3 lpm (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (2 concurrent) 1938.3 lpm (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (4 concurrent) 1189.1 lpm (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (8 concurrent) 664.3 lpm (60 secs, 3 samples)
Dc: sqrt(2) to 99 decimal places 74508.6 lpm (60 secs, 6 samples)
Recursion Test--Tower of Hanoi 75225.2 lps (10 secs, 6 samples)


Arithmetic Test (type = double) 2541.7 737620.3 290.2
Dhrystone 2 without register variables 22366.3 4721136.4 211.1
Execl Throughput Test 16.5 1944.0 117.8
Pipe-based Context Switching Test 1318.5 116275.9 88.2
Shell scripts (8 concurrent) 4.0 664.3 166.1
SUM of 5 items 873.4
# 2  
What about HS21XM & BL460


Thanks for the records, but does any one have the performance data for the HS21XM & HP BL460. I had seen a good comparison at HP Blade server vs IBM Blade Server , but they had no performance data included. So I was wondering if any one can forward me that.

Julie Cole
# 3  
Regarding HS21XM Performance Data.

Hi msright1981,

I work for IBM in the sales team and I do have some performance data regarding our HS21XM.
If you do need performance data for the product, feel free to call me at email --REMOVED-- . Thanks.
# 4  
Can you post it on here?


Can you post the data on here? or do you have a link to where to get it?

"No one Ever got fired for buying IBM"
Julie Cole

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