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Question system hung

I installed sco unix v 5.0.5 in the hp server lc 2000 HD size
27gb & ram 256 , used micro focus cobol for unix , aplication
system bank , the problem is the system hung 2 or 3 times a day
will you pls. give me the solution.


talib alsaadi

# 2  
There are many things that could be causing it.

1) buffer overflow in memory can cause a hang. I've seen it.
2) Bad hardward like faulty CPU.
3) Faulty disk
4) Faulty memory

Are you sure that you have full latest patches on your system?

Also, are you sure that you have good compatibility with your applications and OS?

Please do some diagnostic work and also check with your vendor site for compatibility. And if you have tech support get someone on your box to look around after you check the hardware.

# 3  
  • A memory leak in a software application.
  • A bad SCSI termination on a SCSI bus.
  • A bad host adapter.
  • A full disk partition.

to name a few more......
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