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Old 08-16-2002
Linksys 4 port cable/dsl routers

i was reading this thread and someone mentioned problems with the linksys 4 portcable/dsl routers, (BEF4somethingsomethingsomething) this is what i use on my network, and works great, BUT i have had a few strange problems, well my question is not too much of a question, but i would like to know other peoples expierences with this piece of hardware. this router works fine for me, actually it works great, but one thing that is very very weird is when i try to access my webserver using the externail IP address, what happens is it will start to load, but will go very very slow, this slowdown happens fast until i lose all internet access completley, and my network goes dead, the link light will blink rapidly with my dsl modem, and in half hour maybe, the red diagnostic light will go on and the router will seem to reset and everything will be fine, turning of fthe router does not help, nor does turning off and on the cable modem, it is weird, i have mentioned this on another thread but it wasnt really about that, well anyone with similer problems and any other expierences with the linksys router or similar product from linksys please post! i really would like to know others expieriences. thanks. also i wasnt too sure where to put this thread, i am sorry to the moderators if this thread is innapropriate.

i just found this on the website ""

this is what i found:

(this is in reference to linksys 4 port routers)

(Broken in all other revs since V1.22)
(The following information is for reference only.)

If you have Web, FTP, or other servers on your LAN that you have mapped or forwarded so that they are accessible from the Internet, you would expect to be able to get to them by using the IP address assigned to you by your ISP. If you use a dynamic IP service, you'd also probably expect to be able to access the server by your domain name.

Unfortunately, the router doesn't presently support this capability, sometimes referred to as "loopback". You'll need to use the private IP address, i.e. 192.168.1.X of the desired server when you are trying to use it from a computer on your LAN. The ISP-assigned address will work only from computers connecting from the Internet.

-----but why??

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