Problems switching to Full Duplex

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Old 06-03-2002
Problems switching to Full Duplex

We run Compaq UNIX Tru64 5.1.

After a switch got replaced our ethernet-card was magically set to
half duplex!

We saw, that the card was set to Autonegotiate:
vmunix: ee1: Autonegotiated, 100 Mbps full duplex

So we set the card with ifconfig to 100 Mbps full duplex with the
following commands:

ifconfig ee1 down speed 200
ifconfig ee1 up

We received the following confirmation:
vmunix: ee1: Autonegotiated, 100 Mbps full duplex
vmunix: ee1: Autonegotiated, 100 Mbps full duplex

It was fine until the next reboot. The card was again set to half
duplex. So we tried also the following command in the console mode:

set EWA0_MODE FastFD

It doesn't change anything.

How can we hard set ethernet card-mode to full-duplex?

Thanks for answers.

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Old 06-16-2002
most network cards are auto sensing and such problems are most times cost by bad configured cisco routers or hubs.
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Old 06-17-2002
I had this exact problem. Only mine was with a new HPUX box. You could set the card manually to 100Mbps but it would reset to half duplex upon reboot. Apparently, there was a patch that was available from HP.

You might check with Compaq regarding this issue. BTW, have you contacted them for tech support?

I know yours is different, but my system has a config file called /etc/rc.config.d/hpbase100conf. It is a config file that you can force it to 100BT. However, in my case this still didn't solve my problem. We had to implement a patch from HP.

I would first look for a config file (you probably already are doing this). Next I would contact Compaq Tech support to see if they have encountered this before and any patches that might resolve this.

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Old 06-18-2002
Solved the problem with lan_config

thanks for the answers.
Meanwhile I solved the problem with editing the file /etc/inet.local. I put the following line in it:

lan_config -i ee1 -a 0 -s 100 -x 1

When I boot the server it's first on half duplex and at the end of booting it switches to full duplex.
Looks like to work.

Thans Urs
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