How to config router on Linux

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Question How to config router on Linux

I m new to Linux, It is connected with internet on simple telephone line, now I m trying to connect it thru dedicated line and with a router. pl help me what i hv to done in s/w as well as h/w. Pl consider me a new user so detailed answer is required.
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Would you like a step by step tutorial with visuals included?

Anyway, usually routers are configured through a web browser. I connect to my router configuration by going to and my LInksys router brings out a GUI interface.
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This site is not responding, TCP error is being generated.
pl review.
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Luftwaffe probably meant , correct me if I'm wrong Smilie

That adress is a private adress which means you can't reach it through the Internet. Check out the manual that came with your router, most likely you can configure it through your browser by typing the IP-adress specified in your manual for example: or the like

hope this helps
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Perhaps this site have some options for you..

Linux as Router and Proxy Server: Howto
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