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Old 05-05-2002

I have an interesting situation. So bare with me and here goes:

I have a Windows XP box that connects to the internet through a Dial-Up connection. I have a SUSE 7.3 Linux box that is networked with the Windows Box and Linux uses Windows' Dial-up connection to access the internet. All is fine and dandy.

However, I am having a problem with mail. I have a web page and my hosting company provides e-mail addresses for that web page. The problem is that they do not have an SMTP server so that I can send mail on that account. Enter Sendmail. I thought I Was going to be able to use it, however, I am having a problem getting it to work with the way I have my network set up.

I have searched the internet for ways to make sendmail work with a dial-up connection and all I can find are ways to force sendmail to use my ISP's mail server. Which I can't do because my IPS does not allow mail addresses that don't match their name scheme (has to be @MSN and I have @embeddedthought.)

Anyway, I am also wondering if I am even looking for the right information because of the way I have my network shareing the Dial-up connection. If anyone has any information that may help me I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, and sorry for this being so long.

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Old 05-05-2002
If I understand your question, what you want to do can not be done. (I hope!) A full explanation will also be somewhat long-winded...

What you trying to do is to forge mail. I know that your motives are pure. But if MSM allowed you to send mail though them that appeared to originate from, you could also send mail through them that appeared to originate from or whatever.

It used to be that you could do this. This may be why you think that you can. If MSM allowed this, they would be said to be an "open relay". Open relays are used by spammers. The anti spam projects on the internet are fighting the spammers on several fronts. One of these is the elimination of open relays. There is a list of open relays. Most people on the internet will no longer accept smtp connections from sites on that list. If MSM allowed you to do this, they would be blackballed too.

The real solution is to get your web page hosted by someone who will allow you to send mail from them. And I suspect that you misunderstand the mail services that your web host does provide. I would be very surprised if it's true that they don't have a SMTP server. (But then again, I am very surprised several times a week...)
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Old 05-05-2002
Well, I am not literally trying to forge mail. What I am trying to do is send E-mail from Linux. And my Web Host Provider does NOT provide an SMTP outgoing mail server. They only cost $12 a year for unlimited space and bandwidth, so that is one of the downsides.

And I don't know of any ISP that allows you to send mail through thier SMTP that does not have thier @address on the E-mail. So basically what I am understanding is that even though SENDMAIL says you can use a dial-up connection, you really can't??

I'm stumped. Sendmail seems to want a DNS to work correctly, but ISP's don't want to give you access to their DNS directly.

Oh well, guess I'll look for another alternative.

Thanks anyway...

Gregg Smilie
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