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ok figured out how to set the etc/host and it is correct but still the same problem with the executing error.

All of the errors are gone I don't know exactly what I did I played around I reset something in the etc/hosts and there are no more errors!! I just have to wait for my lunch break go home and try to hook up to the internet I'll let you know what happens.
thanks for all your help.


Ok I went home and tried it but the cable box does not light up well the pc part anyhow when I try and connect I have tried with a crossover cable and a normal network cable still no go. I'm wondering if there's something I must set up on my computer? I'm also going to call the cable people and see if it's something they must do on their end. Any suggestions?

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PKGENPACK(1)							  [FIXME: manual]						      PKGENPACK(1)

pkgenpack - PackageKit Pack Generator SYNOPSIS
pkgenpack [--help] [--verbose] [--with-package-list] [--output] [--package] [--updates] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the pkgenpack command. pkgenpack is the command line client for PackageKit for creating service packs. WHAT IS A SERVICE PACK
? A service pack is a tarball which contains a set of packages and their dependencies. The user can reduce the dependencies to be packed using the --with-package-list option. Along with the dependencies, a service pack has a file named metadata.conf which contains the information about the distribution and creation date of the pack. CREATING A SERVICE PACK
? A service pack is created using the command pkgenpack. OPTIONS
This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. --help Show summary of options. --verbose Show extra debugging information. --with-package-list Set the filename of dependencies to be excluded. Generally, the file list of packages is generated when doing a PackageKit refresh on the target system. If not specified, pkgenpack uses /var/lib/PackageKit/system.package-list by default. --output The directory to put the pack file, or the current directory if omitted. --package The package to be put into the ServicePack. --updates Put all updates available in the ServicePack. NAMING A SERVICE PACK
The only valid extension for a service pack is ".servicepack". EXAMPLES
1. Tim is facing problems with his Internet connection at home. He needs a service pack with valgrind and it's dependencies for his system. He asks James to generate a pack for him. Both know James's system should contain similar packages as Tim's system, as both of them have installed Fedora 9 two days ago. James simply runs: [james@jamesbook:~]$ pkgenpack --output=/media/USB/TimPacks --package=valgrind This generates a file /media/USB/TimPacks/valgrind-fedora-9-i686.servicepack on the USB key Tim gave to James. Tim can now go home, insert the USB key and double clicks on the valgrind-fedora-9-i686.servicepack file to be prompted to install these packages. 2. Bill wants to create a service pack named kdegames-fedora-9-i686.servicepack for his new system which does not have an internet connection. He generates a list of packages on his system using pkcon list-create and copies that list to his USB key. He then gives that USB to Rishi who has a good internet connectivity. Rishi runs the following command on his system: [rishi@devils-temple:~]$ pkgenpack --with-package-list=/media/USB/bill.package-list --output=/home/rishi/Desktop --program=kdegames This generates a service pack, kdegames-fedora-9-i686.servicepack, on Rishi's Desktop, which can be distributed to Bill and users with similar requirements. INSTALLING A SERVICE PACK
Service Packs can be installed using pkcon. For example: [hacker@tim-lounge:~]$ pkcon install-local /media/USB/TimPacks/valgrind-fedora-9-i686.servicepack SEE ALSO
pkmon (1). pkcon(1). AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Shishir Goel <crazyontheedge@gmail.com> and Richard Hughes <richard@hughsie.com>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2008 Shishir Goel [FIXME: source] 31 July,2008 PKGENPACK(1)

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