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Old 03-13-2002
Networking or Nescape 4.78

Hi There,

I have a HP workstation running on hp-ux 11.0. I already configured the ethernet card to lan0 with the IP address of and connected to my Netgear cable router. Gateway address is the default address of the cable router.

when I try to run netscape 4.78 "/opt/netscape/netscape" it shows error:
Xlib: connection to "xxxxxxx" refuse by server
Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to server
Error: Can't open display: xxxxxxx
Error: Coudn't finf per display information

Im logging as a root. I hoping anybody there can help me resolve this problem of mine

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Old 03-14-2002
Sounds like the same type of error I get on Solaris.

On Solaris I have to have a console window up and open access to allow X from other system (or sometimes the same system).

I have to run /usr/openwin/bin/xhost + (or instead of + which lets anyone in, the name of the server you are allowing back in).

Hopefully a HP expert will let you know the command on HP.
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Old 03-14-2002
I checked and found:

Hosts entered by xhost have access only until the server recycles. A server recycles when the last client attached to a server goes away. For systems running many clients, this is usually at the end of a session. For systems running a server but no clients, hosts entered by xhost may be removed before you have a chance to use the remote host.
To add hosts permanently, make an entry in the X0.hosts file.

The xhost command is in the form:
xhost [+-] [name]
where: +name Add the remote host named name to the list of computers allowed to connect to the X server.
-name Remove name from the list of computers allowed to connect to to the X server.
+ Allow access to everyone (access control disabled).
- Allow access only to computers in the list (access control enabled).
blank Display current status and list of computers allowed to access the X server.
For example, the following command allows the remote computer hpggggg to access your local display.
xhost +hpggggg
For more information, refer to the xhost man page.
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Old 03-14-2002

It works by using xhost command but when netscape is open it will show an error that unable to lacate the sever
Im guessing that maybe the cofiguration. this workstation is not connected to any server it is direct connect to a cable router.

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