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Old 02-24-2002
Question Ip Addresses

I'm not exactly sure what I can do with IPs... my friend won't tell me(don't ask me why, I figure it's cause he doesn't know either, hehe). I'm curious as to what theya re used for other than networking computers... if there IS any other purpose or use for them. That's all.

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Old 02-24-2002
IP stands for Internet protocal. Each time you log onto the internet you are assigned an IP. Some IPs are static (they don;t change) and others and dynamic (they change) also in a network each computer is identifyed by its IP.
Hope this helps some.
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Old 02-26-2002
In a broab sense, an IP address is like a postal address...
When you send a postcard, you can't just say "Send this to evil_d00d", you have to tell the post office how to find you. Same with the internet - when you (for example) want to look at unix.com, behind the scenes, your web browser will ask a domain name server "what is the address of Unix.com?". The name servers replies "".

But which is easier for you to remember, "unix.com", or ""?

Search google for more specific (and technically accurate) information. For example, here is the results of a search on "TCP/IP tutorial":
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Old 02-26-2002
I know how to get them and what they are... but i'm not sure exactly how they invlove hacking and such... you know?

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Old 02-27-2002
*sigh*, where to begin?

First off, you're going about this all wrong. Hacking (or in your case, cracking) requires a knowledge and understanding of the underlying protocols and programs that you're working with. You can't just "use" an IP address for malicious mischeif. That would be like a thug using a steering column to steal a car. Sure, you have to know what a steering column is and why it's there, but you need a LOT more than that. Besides, is stealing a car worth it in the first place? Why not apply this knowledge of cars to be a mechanic, an engineer, or a race-car driver? You'll be more respected, wealthy, and sane if you choose the latter route.

If you want a good way to begin to understand the workings of basic networking (client/server, p2p, etc...), try something useful and contructive. When I had a lot more free time, I used to track spam back to it's rightful owner. It's strangly rewarding, plus you learn something you can somewhat use to your advantage.
Or what about building your own PC? Do you know how it all works together; why it "ticks"? Or even better, (this being unix.com and all...) why not learn Unix?

Besides, you won't get much help from anyone by asking "how do I get an ip? ok, i've got one now - what do I do with it?". The only people willing to help in that situation probably are no more enlightened than yourself. But if you focus on something useful, and ask the right questions (not to mention be able to find your own answers), you will have a much better chance of getting some interesting and useful information from someone who knows better.

Anyhow, I had to get that off of my chest. I appologize to the forum's general readership for this rant, and close this topic, hoping it never comes back.
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