Socket programming project guide

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Socket programming project guide

Hi, I studyied N/W programming in Unix by stevens, but i'm interested to do some project in real time, Can any body guide me to do or else give me some idea
what to do. Smilie

Thanks and regards
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update-rcconf-guide - Create default guide file for rcconf SYNOPSIS
update-rcconf-guide DESCRIPTION
Update-rcconf-guide creates the default guide file which rcconf uses. Update-rcconf-guide searches the package names corresponding to each service file in /etc/init.d directory from dpkg info files(/var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list) and get the description of these packages using apt-cache. Update-rcconf-guide uses Short-Description in priority to the description if service files has Short-Description field. Update-rcconf-guide writes those results to /var/lib/rcconf/guide.default file. You can write your own guide in user guide file(/var/lib/rcconf/guide) by hand. Rcconf refers Guides in /var/lib/rcconf/guide before those in /var/lib/rcconf/guide.default. If you install some packages after executed update-rcconf-guide, you need to re-create this file using update-rcconf-guide so as to refresh guide.default that includes new guides for installed new services. Notice: update-rcconf-guide was not executed when you installed rcconf package. FILE
/var/lib/rcconf/guide.default Guide File update-rcconf-guide generates. /var/lib/rcconf/guide Guide File user(Administrator) can define. SEE ALSO
rcconf(8) AUTHOR
Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <> perl v5.10.1 2009-01-21 UPDATE-RCCONF-GUIDE(8)

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