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Old 01-24-2002
Question secondary TCP application

I want to use 2 tcp applications in SCO 5.05 senerio I am using
VisionFS 3.1 and I need to set it up as a secondary tcp app. I follow the profeditoir and change the tcp port from the primary port (139) to any other number below port 1024 and then restart the VisionFS server it is still using port 139 . How can I create a customized tcp port below 1024. The primary tcp app can not be changed
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Old 01-29-2002
You might look into restarting the inetd process also. Check the man page for your flavor of UNIX.
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Old 01-30-2002
If it's a kludge you want, you can find plently of tools that will allow you to redirect ports.
One good example is netcat (nc)...

May not scale / be secure for a business, though.
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