SCO UNIX 5.04 with Netware Novell 5.1

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Old 12-25-2001
SCO UNIX 5.04 with Netware Novell 5.1

Hi Guys
I used to connect SCO unix 5.04 with Novell 4.11 by binding IPX over network card and entering network number for Novell and i can post the any data to Novell volumes and share printer in Novell network
But with Novell 5.1 , it doesn't work i don't know what happen
the ipx is binding ok but it gives me no netware server avaliable
i ask novell guys , they told me that the ipx in Novell 4.11 is differnet in Novell 5.1 , may be this is reason

any body has any idea for this problem
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Old 01-08-2002
Searched's (which goes to support page and found the following which I believe will give you the answer but no solution. Good luck

Is NetWare 5 connectivity supported by Caldera products ? (Ref. #115942)


Is there any support for NetWare 5 in the Caldera product line?


There is no support for Netware 5 connectivity from either
Open UNIX 8, Unixware, Openserver or OpenLinux.

Novell made some changes to the sapd communication layer which
causes Openserver 5 to be unable to see any Netware 5 based

Unixware 7 can see Netware 5 servers and some form of connectivity
is achieved but Novell removed the NUC.NLM functionality which may
prevent authentication.

In addition, the NDS schema has also been changed by Novell and
any Netware 4 server without some Novell supplied patches will be
unable to utilise the NDS tree. These patches are not available
for either UnixWare 7 or OpenServer.

As Unixware 7's NDS is based on Netware 4.10a no connection to a
newer version NDS is possible.

All Netware connectivity has been removed from Open UNIX 8.
However, Novell's Netware 5 is now using TCP/IP tools and here
are the equivalences:

nwlogin telnet or rlogin
nwprint LPD printing

SEE ALSO: ta110965, "What is the general and Y2K support status of Novell
products on SCO operating systems? - Confidential"
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