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Old 12-19-2001
Mounting shares from a Windows PC


I can ping my Windows PC using both the IP address and NetBios name and I can ping my Linux box the same, IP address and NetBios name. I can even use smbclient to see the shares on my Windows PC. But I can't map the shares so that Linux sees it as a drive. How do I do that?
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Old 12-19-2001
look for the program called 'smbmount'. It lets you mount a Windows share on your linux box...
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Old 12-19-2001
Thanx PxT,

I tried the smbmount program... Smilie Actually, before registering here, I printed out all the man pages related to the Samba suite that I can find--even 116 pages of smb.conf (just so that they're readily avail). And they've helped me out. Honestly, everything I've downloaded from installing Linux to networking it (so far) has helped. But the smbmount man page has got me stumped. Maybe I'm not typing the command in correctly. Can show me an example of how it should me done?

Thanx again.
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Old 12-20-2001

Hi SeCBerm

Try this:

smbmount //netbios_name/shared_folder/... /your/directory/... -o username=foo

you don't need to include -o (options).
Peek at manpages for options.

smbmount //tolkien/My_Share/Windows /home/win -o username=gandalf,password=ring

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Old 12-20-2001

Hi SeCBerm

I forgott to say how you umount the share

smbumount /your/directory/...

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Old 12-21-2001
Thanx PxT and /*ghost*/...

That example was what I needed... the -o option threw me!!!! Smilie Thanx alot. Much appreciated.

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