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Change a Unix IP address

I have purchased a Dec unix Ver 3.2c machine that is about ten years old. I need to get this machine on our network (windows 2003 domain) so I can copy files to it. I know I need to change the IP address, but where and how do I change it? What else do I chang?

Thanks Randy
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Hosts file

I don't remember the old DEC unix too well. Under /etc/hosts is the table of IP addresses you should be able to edit that for this machine. It might look something like this...
$ cat /etc/hosts
# Internet host table
# localhost myunix loghost someotherbox loghost u

There might be other os file. You would have to get a Dec manual to check.
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You are correct. I have changed that file, but I still cannot ping it from other computers on the newtork. So I think I need to chage some more settings somewhere?
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That would be my guess, some other os files needs to be updated. Old sun boxes used files call ypxxx (yp for yellow pages). Can the box ping itself? Can you look at the boot log to determine what IP it's using? localhost? Does that change if you change the hosts file? Cable? hardware? Sound like you'll going to have to find out what it's not to find out what it is... pain I know...
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If your not familiar with commands run from a terminal, use sam

The old Sun systems running SunOS just had 2 files.
/etc/hostname.{interface} ie: /etc/hostname/hme0
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The old Sun systems running SunOS just had 2 files.
/etc/hostname.{interface} ie: /etc/hostname/hme0
On Solaris 10 it has /etc/inet/ipnodes in addition. Dunno DEC quite well.

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I was just correcting what jimmyc said about SunOS.

oops sam is HP UX. Is DEC like Tru64 ?

Try netsetup

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