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Add explicit route

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# 1  
Add explicit route

Add explicit route to , gateway:
if not working, please try gateway through management port:

Just want to double confirm if this would be the correct command
#route add -net

And if didnt work

#route add -net

2nd Question ,
If that first command not working , do i need to remove or leave as it is and proceed to run this command

#route add -net

# 2  
Normally, when a system builds a routing table based on routes up or routes down, they use a dynamic routing protocol.

Static routes are static. Dynamic routes are dynamic.

For example, rip:

ripd - a RIP routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.

or ospf

See, for example:

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) - Linux | Network Command Reference

So, if I were you, and I needed dynamic routes, I would quickly set up dynamic routing. Static routes are the wrong tool for dynamic routes, as I understand your question.

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