1 VPS with 2 IP addresses. How to make them independent?

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1 VPS with 2 IP addresses. How to make them independent?

I have this in /etc/network/interfaces:
auto ens3
 iface ens3 inet static
          address 46.xx.xxx.1x7
         broadcast 46.38.xxx.255
         gateway 46.xx.xxx.1  

auto ens3:0 
iface ens3:0 inet static
      address 188.xx.xx.xx5     

I want the interfaces of my VPS to be independent.
Without the traffic of ens3:0 interface pass by ens3 interface.
It's possible?
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EXPN(1)                                                       General Commands Manual                                                      EXPN(1)

expn - recursively expand mail aliases SYNOPSIS
expn [-a] [-v] [-w] [-d] [-1] user[@hostname] [user[@hostname]]... DESCRIPTION
expn will use the SMTP expn and vrfy commands to expand mail aliases. It will first look up the addresses you provide on the command line. If those expand into addresses on other systems, it will connect to the other systems and expand again. It will keep doing this until no further expansion is possible. OPTIONS
The default output of expn can contain many lines which are not valid email addresses. With the -aa flag, only expansions that result in legal addresses are used. Since many mailing lists have an illegal address or two, the single -a, address, flag specifies that a few ille- gal addresses can be mixed into the results. More -a flags vary the ratio. Read the source to track down the formula. With the -a option, you should be able to construct a new mailing list out of an existing one. If you wish to limit the number of levels deep that expn will recurse as it traces addresses, use the -1 option. For each -1 another level will be traversed. So, -111 will traverse no more than three levels deep. The normal mode of operation for expn is to do all of its work silently. The following options make it more verbose. It is not necessary to make it verbose to see what it is doing because as it works, it changes its argv[0] variable to reflect its current activity. To see how it is expanding things, the -v, verbose, flag will cause expn to show each address before and after translation as it works. The -w, watch, flag will cause expn to show you its conversations with the mail daemons. Finally, the -d, debug, flag will expose many of the inner workings so that it is possible to eliminate bugs. ENVIRONMENT
No environment variables are used. FILES
/tmp/expn$$ temporary file used as input to nslookup. SEE ALSO
aliases(5), sendmail(8), nslookup(8), RFC 823, and RFC 1123. BUGS
Not all mail daemons will implement expn or vrfy. It is not possible to verify addresses that are served by such daemons. When attempting to connect to a system to verify an address, expn only tries one IP address. Most mail daemons will try harder. It is assumed that you are running domain names and that the nslookup(8) program is available. If not, expn will not be able to verify many addresses. It will also pause for a long time unless you change the code where it says $have_nslookup = 1 to read $have_nslookup = 0. Lastly, expn does not handle every valid address. If you have an example, please submit a bug report. CREDITS
In 1986 or so, Jon Broome wrote a program of the same name that did about the same thing. It has since suffered bit rot and Jon Broome has dropped off the face of the earth! (Jon, if you are out there, drop me a line) AVAILABILITY
The latest version of expn is available through anonymous ftp at ftp://ftp.idiom.com/pub/muir-programs/expn. AUTHOR
David Muir Sharnoff <muir@idiom.com> 7th Edition March 11, 1993 EXPN(1)

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