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Insmod custom module fails with message : disagrees about version of symbol ...

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Special Forums IP Networking Insmod custom module fails with message : disagrees about version of symbol ...
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Old 10-18-2017
Insmod custom module fails with message : disagrees about version of symbol ...

Hello :

I want to make a netfilter conntrack module for myself. So I copy all the source code about netfilter conntrack from kernel source tree to my external directory. It can be insmod after compiled. Then I add some members to the struct nf_conn, and it 's compiled successfully. However, it can't be insmod. The system gives me the message " disagrees about version of symbol ...." .

Can anyone help me ?
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Old 10-18-2017
Your kernel and your module disagree on what members nf_conn has.

The structure of nf_conn matters to the entire netfilter chain, you can't change it without recompiling your entire kernel.
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