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I would like to monitor network traffic for a computer on my network

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Special Forums IP Networking I would like to monitor network traffic for a computer on my network
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pentium 4 is a bit old, unless it has 1g ram or more.
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Originally Posted by Corona688
pentium 4 is a bit old, unless it has 1g ram or more.
It's still more than 1-2 orders of magnitude faster than the original Pi. And probably 2-5x faster than a Pi2.

That said you could get a $2 USB Ethernet adapter on ebay ... and plug it into the pi and experiment with that. The Pi will probably show your internet down since it's peripherals all hang off it's overloaded USB bus.

The P4 ought to handle it with ease... as far as that goes lots of people have used much slower machines for routers/firewalls. Rather than using wireshark which is a rather heavy handed but comprehensive solution, you just do as suggested here with dnsmasq How to log all my DNS queries? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

And filter the log for dnsmasq output.... just about as good as wireshark and probably more performant than running without the system as now your dns queries are cached by a local machine. The TCPDUMP answer there is also good.

If you get it working on the P4 getting a mini PC is probably a decent idea... as the power savings alone will pay for itself. A P4 computer costs between $100-300 a year to leave running vs the mini PC costing about 10 bucks a year.

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