Cant ping Linux machine from Windows

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Originally Posted by RudiC
Does the windows PC ping the router? Does it ping itself? Some routers have a ping function; does it ping the linux host?
Windows PC could Ping the router - Yes.
Windows PC could ping itself - Yes.
My D-Link router has Ping functionality. But it could not ping Linux machine.

In the router configuration; DHCP Client List is not showing the Linux machine.

Surprisingly, from Linux I still could ping Windows. Ethernet cables from Windows & Linux box are connected to the D-Link router.
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No clue why the MAC is not showing up in the ARP table but could you check if there is some firewall rules set up on the Linux box with:
iptables -L

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Deal all ... Thanks for your patience & guiding me with this. In the process I learned a lot.

It was not problem with windows nor Linux. It was the way DHCP client been assigned by router to Linux box.

In the router configuration, I have reserved the Linux address as But the way IP address had been allotted to Linux, 'Obtain IP address automatically' assigned Linux box address as - ... This I have found out after close look at output of ifconfig command.

Tried SSH putty connection to this Linux from Windows & it worked.

It was albeit stupid of me assuming Linux will adhere to same IP address which I have assigned it in router configuration.
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First off, thanks for the feedback! It is an advance for us too to know how the problem finally was solved.

Originally Posted by videsh77
It was albeit stupid of me assuming Linux will adhere to same IP address which I have assigned it in router configuration.
It depends on the Linux system being configured to be a DHCP-client or not. When an IP-host starts it puts an IP-address onto its interface. This is done with the ifconfig command (or some equivalent thereof). DHCP means: you do not configure an IP address on the system but instead, when the IP-host starts, the DHCP-client process takes over and broadcasts a plea "i need an address" upon which a (hopefully there) DHCP-server answers and gives out one, which the client then configures.

So, in fact you need two components: you need the DHCP-server to be configured to give out an address to this specific client. And you need the prospective client to be configured so that it asks for an address.

I hope this helps.

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I'm surprised there's no collisions with the router being as well as the linux host?
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Hi ... Router address is turned out to be -
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