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Ssh port forwarding through a pseudo terminal

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Special Forums IP Networking Ssh port forwarding through a pseudo terminal
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Old 11-04-2015
SSH port forwarding through a pseudo terminal

Here's a situation:

I do all my work on a Mac. I have mysql installed on my mac.

1. There's a certain linux server 'server01' that provides access to
another linux server 'server02' via a pseudo terminal

So, to ssh into 'server02', I do this from my mac:

ssh -t server01 'inline server02'

2. Then it asks me for a password to 'server01'; I enter it and that
logs me into 'server02'. Now, I am on the 'server02' terminal.

3. From 'server02' I can access the mysql database that is sitting on
'server03' using the following mysql command:

mysql --host=server03 --port=4201 --user=myuser --password=mypass mydb

4. Neither 'server01' nor 'server02' or my mac have SSH access to 'server03'

Now, I want to access the mysql on 'server03' from my mac directly through some kind of port forwarding. So, if I type the below command on my mac terminal, it should connect me to the mysql database on 'server03':

mysql --host=localhost --port=4201 --user=myuser --password=mypass mydb

Is there a way to do that? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Old 11-04-2015
Not sure I understand.

Is mysql installed on your mac? Is your mac allowed access on server03 and/or the DB there?

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