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Does cisco 1921 router support site to site VPNs using IPSec?

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Special Forums IP Networking Does cisco 1921 router support site to site VPNs using IPSec?
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Old 08-05-2014
Does cisco 1921 router support site to site VPNs using IPSec?

Q: "Does Cisco 1921 router support,, act as an endpoint for, site to site VPNs using IPSec? If so, how many? "

A: If you get the Cisco 1921/k9 with the security services bundle then it will have built in security features. Cisco, typically includes IP Sec tunnels I believe as part of that package but you would want to check and be sure.

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XmDropSiteRegister - A Drag and Drop function that identifies a drop site and assigns resources that specify its behavior SYNOPSIS
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XmDisplay(3X), XmDropSite(3X), XmDropSiteEndUpdate(3X), XmDropSiteStartUpdate(3X), XmDropSiteUpdate(3X), XmDropSiteUnregister(3X), XmScreen(3X) XmDropSiteRegister(3X)

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