New-Bie doubt in TCP-IP 3 way hand shake

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Old 12-02-2013
New-Bie doubt in TCP-IP 3 way hand shake

from my understanding

step 1:

From device A to device B , sending SYN.
Sequence number=2000 [for example]

step 2:

from device B to A , sending SYN-ACK
ACKno=2001 [seq no +1]
Sequence number= 5000 [for example]

Step :3

From device A to B , sending ACK

here is my doubt , as i saw in many examples why Sequence number will be 2001 ....?

hope you guys understood my question...
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Old 12-02-2013
It means device B is expecting to hear sequence 2001 (ACK=2001). So in step 3, when ACK is send the SEQ will be 2001.

Refer: RFC 793 (Section 3.4)
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Old 12-02-2013
I think you are mixing up the sequence numbers and the acknowledgements numbers. They are not related.
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Old 12-02-2013
Originally Posted by Yoda
It means device B is expecting to hear sequence 2001 (ACK=2001). So in step 3, when ACK is send the SEQ will be 2001.
thanks , i will be reading the RFC.

but why in step2 , sequence number was having no relation with acknowledge number , but in step3 why sequence number has to be the ACQnumber..?

is there any particular reason for that design..?
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Old 12-03-2013
As per the design, if the ACK flag is set, then only the value of this field is the next sequence number that the receiver is expecting.
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