VPN ssh access over RDP port?

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VPN ssh access over RDP port?


Can I use an open RDP port to gain ssh access to my Linux server running the other side of our firewall?

I work from home on the odd occasion, we only have RDP port 3389 available once logged into the VPN. I would rather ssh into my workstation without the need for a desktop display.

Can I just simply change ssh port to 3389 on my office machine? Then ssh to port 3389 from home?

Or, ss there anything I can do in terms of port handling from the source and destination? For example:

ssh to office machine on port 22 > my home machine forwards 22 to 3389

Host receives request on 3389 > forwards to port 22 for ssh access

Would it just be easier to change the port ssh uses on my office machine to 3389? Would this work?

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I bet, you would violate your company's security policy trying to do this.

You better establish a RDP connection to a machine in the office and start a ssh session from there.
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Fair comment, but I doubt the policy states the RDP port has to be used for an RDP session! Smilie

To confirm, I'm not into doing anything outside of company policy, I have a good relationship a lot of flexibility with my company. I am quite keen to increase my productivity using CLI access rather than an RDP session. I would pose this before making an changes...
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changing the rdp port forward will not only affect you but everybody else who falls under the rdp port only policy ... you would be better off asking for an exception to policy and having a different port setup ...
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