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Old 09-25-2001
Java pine username return address

hello all
I am happily using pine but unhappily sending email as
instead of ****
well, my username on my computer is one thing, but my username on my college account (**** here) is different.

what I'm trying to do is use the college server for sending mail,
but when I do that (set up sendmail using mailconf, anyone want to help me out there? it takes about 5 minutes to start sendmail) and set up the user-domain and smtp server in pine, my reply address is not what I want, it's the right server, but the wrong username.
is there some way to send email *as* someone else? would I have to set up a new user with the username I want??? it seems to me that there must be some way of using pine ..........
or is my question about sendmail???
anyway, help!
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Old 09-29-2001

Setting up different roles should solve your problem.

Open pine then type: S R R or select Setup, Rules, Roles

This will then bring you to the roles screen, you'll then need to press A to add a role.

All you need to set is your nickname, "Set From (your email address)",
"Reply use", "Forward use", "Compose use".
Normally I select "With confirmation" for the use settings.
You may also want to set up a different signature for your different roles.

Press E to confirm your changes then continue adding roles as required.

Andy H
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