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Get DHCP relay interfaces IP address using DHCP

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Special Forums IP Networking Get DHCP relay interfaces IP address using DHCP
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Old 06-25-2013
Get DHCP relay interfaces IP address using DHCP

Hi All ,

please view the set up below:

 |  DHCP Server |-----------|   ROUTER & |-----------|     Clients  |
 | |  - -<eth1>| DHCP-RELAY|<eth2>-- |   192.168.88.X  | 

The machine on the left is a windows machine running a DHCP server,
The server has two address pool 88 & 99.

The central machine is a linux machine having two network cards,
eth1 belongs to subnetwork
eth2 belongs to subnetwork
the linux machine serves as a router and also as a DHCP relay.

eth1 which is connected directly to the DHCP server broadcast its DHCP DISCOVERY directly to the server which allocating an IP address from the 99 pool.

my problem is regarding eth2,
I want to allocate its IP address dynamically from the 88 pool locate at the DHCP server.

is there a known way to do so ?

im using the dhclient command.


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Old 06-27-2013
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Old 06-29-2013
Yes, you have to configure the router to be a DHCP relay.

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