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IP address to host name conversion

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Old 01-30-2013
Lightbulb IP address to host name conversion


i want to get the hostname for the specified IP address.

# host has address has address has address has address has address has address

# host domain name pointer

Is there any way to get host name as "" for the given IP address (

"gethostbyaddr" function also returns same host name( as above but i want "" as the host name.

thanks in advanceSmilie

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Old 01-30-2013
Something like this?
awk '$NF==""{print $1}' host_file

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Old 01-30-2013
No, actually "" belongs to google then ,why are we not getting as host name other than internal name ""
is there any function to get actual host names?
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Old 01-30-2013
I don't think there is a way. It is up to google what PTR records they provide for reverse lookups. You could use whois to try and find the IP-address owner..

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